Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Geoscience, Palaeoclimatologist – Denmark

    Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Geoscience, Palaeoclimatologist - Denmark

    Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Quaternary Terrestrial Palaeoclimatology at Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University, Denmark (Palaeoclimatologist)

    Deadline to Apply

    Jun 30, 2021 (23: 59 GMT +1)


    PositionTenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor
    No. of Position(s)1
    Research Area– Quaternary palaeo climate
    – Palaeo environments
    SalaryAccording to standard norms
    WorkplaceDepartment of Geoscience
    Aarhus University
    Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 2
    8000 Aarhus C
    Contract Period6 Year
    Starting date1 January 2022 or ASAP


    The ideal candidate must demonstrate interdisciplinary research experience in Quaternary terrestrial environmental change with a focus on palaeoclimatology and palaeoecology utilizing multiple proxy records from sedimentary and biogenic archives. A scientist with an interest in quantitative analyses of depositional systems deciphering environmental evolution will be preferred. Experience with lacustrine archives, geochemical/isotopic proxies, biological proxies, dating techniques, and the interactions between natural habitats and humans in the context of climate change is advantageous.

    The candidate is expected to have a strong international research standing and a broad multidisciplinary research network. Their scientific profile will be reflected in relevant publications in prominent international peer-reviewed journals. Proven ability to attract external research funding and documented teaching skills are required.

    The candidate will expand research collaborations at the highest international level following his/her scientific interests and priorities, and establish a vibrant research group utilizing external funding from national and international sources. The appointee will develop and teach courses and supervise students at all academic levels.

    Responsibilities/ Job Description

    Natural Sciences Tenure Track

    Aarhus University offers talented scientists from around the world attractive career perspectives via the Natural Sciences Tenure Track Programme. Highly qualified candidates are appointed as Assistant Professors for a period of six years with the prospect of performance- based advancement to a tenured Associate Professorship position.

    The aim of the Natural Sciences Tenure Track Programme is to:

    • attract outstanding talented individuals that are competitive at an international level
    • promote the early development of independent research success early in the career of scientists
    • create transparency in the academic career path

    As part of the tenure track position, the candidate is offered:

    • access to research infrastructure
    • capability development, including postgraduate teacher training
    • a mentoring programme
    • support to develop scientific networks and to secure interdisciplinary research at the highest level

    As part of the Aarhus University Tenure Track Programme, the University carries out a mid-way evaluation to review the progress of the tenure track candidate after three years, according to the same criteria used in the final tenure review. The final tenure review is conducted after five and a half years. If the review is positive, the candidate will be offered a tenured position as Associate Professor at Aarhus University.

    Please refer to the tenure track guidelines for the tenure review criteria and for the tenure review process.

    How to Apply?

    To apply, please click APPLY ONLINE button mentioned above.

    Documents Required

    The application must be in English and include

    • A curriculum vitae
    • Degree certificate
    • A complete list of publications
    • A statement of future research plans and information about research activities
    • Teaching portfolio and verified information on previous teaching experience (if any). Guidelines for applicants can be found here.

    Letter of reference

    If you want a referee to upload a letter of reference on your behalf, please state the referee’s contact information when you submit your application. We strongly recommend that you make an agreement with the person in question before you enter the referee’s contact information and that you ensure that the referee has enough time to write the letter of reference before the application deadline. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ensure that letters of reference received after the application deadline will be taken into consideration.

    About the Department of Geoscience 

    The Department of Geoscience currently employs around 110 staff and has a strong research profile spanning a broad range of geological and geophysical disciplines including the study of Quaternary environmental change (palaeoceanography, landscape evolution, glacial geology, stratigraphy and geochronology). These fields are represented by several professors, associate professors, assistant professors, post-doctoral fellows and Ph.D. students. The Department is well equipped for Quaternary climate and environmental research and teaching with infrastructure including sedimentological, micropalaeontological and geochemical laboratories, such as an HF-laboratory, class 100 metal-free clean-laboratory, LA-ICP-MS system, XRF core scanner, sediment corers, microscopes, OSL and TCN dating facilities. The Department also has strong links to other departments at Aarhus University, including Physics and Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry and Archaeology. 


    All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background. Research activities will be evaluated in relation to actual research time. Thus, we encourage applicants to specify periods of leave without research activities, in order to be able to subtract these periods from the span of the scientific career during the evaluation of scientific productivity.


    Head of Department Professor
    Jan A. Piotrowski
    E-mail: jan.piotrowski@geo.au.dk
    Tel:+45 87156409

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    Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Quaternary Terrestrial Palaeoclimatology

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