Researcher (Tenure Track) in Chemistry – Aarhus, Denmark

    Researcher (Tenure Track) in Chemistry - Aarhus, Denmark

    Researcher (tenure-track) at the DanMAX beamline at MAX IV is available at the Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University, Denmark

    Deadline to Apply

    Aug 01, 2021 (23: 59 GMT +1)


    PositionTenure Track Researcher Position
    No. of Position(s)1
    Research Area– Chemistry
    SalaryAccording to standard norms
    WorkplaceDepartment of Chemistry
    Aarhus University, Denmark
    Contract Period6 Year
    Starting dateNov 01, 2021 or ASAP


    • PhD degree in chemistry or a related field, with strong experience in crystallography.
    • A successful candidate must have a strong background in single crystal X-ray diffraction, development of new X-ray instrumentation and development of software to control diffractometers and to analyze diffraction data.
    • Furthermore, the candidate must show significant self-motivation in scientific research, ability to work independently, ability to plan and carry out complicated tasks as well as good communication skills in English, both written and spoken.
      The aim of the Natural Sciences Tenure Track Programme is to:
    • attract outstanding talented individuals that are competitive at an international level
    • to promote the early development of independent research success early in the career of scientists
    • to create transparency in the academic career path
      As part of the tenure track position, the candidate is offered:
    • access to research infrastructure
    • capability development, including postgraduate teacher training
    • a mentoring programme
    • support to develop scientific networks and to secure interdisciplinary research at the highest level


    • In addition to the above criteria, consideration will be given to scientific production as well as documented ability to design and construct advanced scientific instrumentation within the field of single crystal X-ray crystallography.
    • Innovative skills and the ability to generate new ideas, the ability to communicate at all levels such as the provision of scientific advice to public sector authorities, the ability to promote and utilize research results, an all-round experience basis, preferably including international experience, and the ability to contribute to development of the department’s internal and external cooperation are all competences that are evaluated positively for this position.
    • Applicants are expected to meet the criteria listed for a tenure-track researcher here

    Responsibilities/ Job Description

    • The candidate will be responsible for the design and construction of the X-ray optics and end-station instrument for the single crystal side-station at the DanMAX beamline as well as setting up a Scandinavian Crystallography Service (SCS) for fee-based solutions of crystal structures from single crystal X-ray diffraction data.
    • In the operations phase the position must be funded from external sources such as the fees obtained from SCS. The candidate will in addition be responsible for developing and supporting educational activities within synchrotron science as well as developing an independent research activity.

    How to Apply?

    To apply, please click APPLY ONLINE button mentioned above.

    Documents Required

    The application must be in English and include

    • A curriculum vitae
    • Degree certificate
    • A complete list of publications
    • A statement of future research plans and information about research activities
    • Teaching portfolio and verified information on previous teaching experience (if any). Guidelines for applicants can be found here.

    About Research project

    The candidate will lead the construction of the SINCRYS side-station at the DanMAX beamline at the MAX IV synchrotron in Lund. The SINCRYS project is partly funded from the Danish National Committee for research Infrastructure (NUFI) in a 5-year project. The beamline will comprise a diffractometer for single crystal X-ray diffraction, and the construction will be done in collaboration with the existing Aarhus University DanMAX team.

    The position is additionally affiliated with iNANO, which is among the leading nanoscience centers in Europe with strong research activities ranging from physics and chemistry to molecular biology ( The candidate will be part of the vibrant materials research environment at Aarhus University (, which includes the ESS Lighthouse SMART (, focusing on studies of the atomic structures of functional materials.

    About the Department

    The Department of Chemistry at Aarhus University is one of the leading European chemistry departments with research programs that range from medicinal chemistry to theoretical chemistry. It has a permanent staff of ~35 full and associate professors, a support-staff of ~30 people, ~150 PhD students and postdocs, and around 400 students. In addition to excellence in research, teaching and supervision, the Department of Chemistry values equal opportunities, a collegial atmosphere, and a student-friendly mindset.


    • In the operation phase, external funding must be secured to sustain the position. Expected time for interviews is October 2021.
    • Letter of reference : If you want a referee to upload a letter of reference on your behalf, please state the referee’s contact information when you submit your application. We strongly recommend that you make an agreement with the person in question before you enter the referee’s contact information, and that you ensure that the referee has enough time to write the letter of reference before the application deadline. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ensure that letters of reference received after the application deadline will be taken into consideration.
    • All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background. Research activities will be evaluated in relation to actual research time. Thus, we encourage applicants to specify periods of leave without research activities, in order to be able to subtract these periods from the span of the scientific career during the evaluation of scientific productivity.


    Head of Search Committee Prof. Bo Brummerstedt Iversen
    E-mail: or tel +45 60 20 26 39
    Head of Department, Prof. Birgit Schiøtt
    E-mail: or tel +45 87 15 59 75

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    Researcher (tenure-track) at the DanMAX beamline at MAX IV

    Post expires at 8:59am on Monday August 2nd, 2021 (GMT+9)

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