Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Church History

    Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Church History

    Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Church History, in the Department of Theology at the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, Denmark

    Deadline to Apply

    Aug 02, 2021 (23: 59 GMT +1)


    PositionAssistant Professor or Associate Professor
    No. of Position(s)1
    Research Area– Theology 
    – Church History
    SalaryAccording to standard norms
    WorkplaceDepartment of Theology
    School of Culture and Society
    Aarhus University
    Contract PeriodAssistant professorship – 3 Years
    Associate professorship – Permanent
    Starting dateJan 01, 2022


    Applicants must have a PhD degree or equivalent qualifications in theology or related fields.

    Applicants for the assistant professorship must have teaching experience corresponding at least to the experience gained during a PhD degree programme.

    Applicants for the associate professorship must be able to document competences corresponding to the completion of an assistant professorship.

    All applicants must also document:

    • Relevant academic publications, and possibly other research contributions, at top international level.
    • Strong skills in working with primary sources (including handwritten sources), based on the necessary palaeographic and linguistic competences.
    • A knowledge of contemporary theoretical and methodological discussions within a historical discipline such as church history.
    • A focus on the modern period (1500 until today) and on Danish/Nordic church history in its Nordic as well as its general European context.
    • Experience of active participation in international research collaboration.
    • Experience of research organisation, ideally including the obtaining and administration of external funding.
    • Strong teaching competences and experience of supervising at Master’s level and, if possible, also at PhD level.
    • A commitment to teaching development, the supervision of student projects and talent development.

    Applicants for the associate professorship must also document:

    • Experience of participation in national and international research networks, ideally in leading roles.
    • Experience of communication and knowledge exchange.
    • Experience of interdisciplinary collaboration as well as interdisciplinary research.
    • Experience of obtaining external research funding.
    • Experience of interdisciplinary teaching, including innovative teaching methods.
    • Experience of teaching development, the supervision of students at all levels, talent development, research management, and the development of PhD courses.

    Applicants for the assistant professorship should be able to document at least a general knowledge of the six areas of experience mentioned above in connection with the associate professorship.

    Responsibilities/ Job Description

    The successful applicant will be responsible for planning, developing and teaching church history at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. This includes sources and methods of special relevance for the ecclesiastical history of Denmark as well as other parts of Europe and the wider world. The successful applicant must be prepared to take part in interdisciplinary and methodological courses for students of theology alongside colleagues from other disciplines at the department.

    How to Apply?

    To apply, please click the Apply Online button mentioned above

    Documents Required

    • A cover letter including a concise statement of motivation.
    • For the position of associate professor, a maximum of eight academic publications should be uploaded. The status of each publication must also be stated (published/being published/in manuscript form respectively).
    • For the position of assistant professor, a maximum of five academic publications should be uploaded. The status of each publication must also be stated (published/being published/in manuscript form respectively).
    • A research plan for the next three years including plans for external funding.
    • A teaching portofolio demonstrating their approach to teaching within the field of church history.

    The application must be uploaded in English.

    About International applicants

    International applicants are encouraged to check  family and work-life balance and attractive working conditions for further information about the benefits of working at Aarhus University and in Denmark, including healthcare, paid holidays and, if relevant, maternity/paternity leave, childcare and schooling. Aarhus University offers a broad variety of services for international researchers and accompanying families, including a relocation service and career counselling for expat partners. For information about taxation, see Taxation aspects of international researchers’ employment by AU

    About Department of Theology

    The Department of Theology at Aarhus University is one of the largest environments for theological research in Europe and attracts a number of internationally recognised researchers. The department is nationally and internationally renowned for its research activities in a number of areas such as Christianity in Antiquity, Reformation theology, bioethics and nanoethics, as well as the study of N.F.S. Grundtvig and K.E. Løgstrup.
    The department’s researchers are often involved in interdisciplinary projects and networks with researchers from other fields, including the study of religion, the humanities in general, medicine and social science.



    For further information about the content of the position(s), please contact

    Head of Department Kirstine Helboe Johansen

    For further information about the application, please contact

    HR supporter Marianne Birn

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    Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Church History

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