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    Postdoc position in South Korea who study the physical properties of compounds, in Department of Chemistry KSJ Lab, at Korea University

    Postdoc position in Department of Chemistry at KSJ Lab Korea University South Korea


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    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Chemical engineering
    • Material science and engineering.  


    According to Korea University standards


    KSJ Lab
    Department of Chemistry
    Seoul, South Korea

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    According to Korea University standards


    TEL: 82.2.3290.2963.


    PhD Degree in related fields


    Background in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and material science and engineering.

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    About KSJ Lab

    KSJ research group aims to develop and characterize novel functional nanomaterials. We mainly study the low-dimensional nanomaterials such as colloidal quantum dots. We synthesize the novel materials and measure the optical, electrical and magnetic properties using various methods. Performing both synthesis and characterization enables us to clearly understand the underlying photophysical and photochemical phenomena occurring in novel nanomaterials. Especially, we are interested in the steady-state intraband and interband transitions occurring between discrete electronic states of the low-dimensional nanomaterials, and explore potential applications. 

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