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    17 Postdoc Position in South Korea 2021

    17 Postdoc Position in South Korea 2021 – Microbiology, Image Processing, Bio-Imaging, Quantum Technology, Materials Chemistry, Gas Sensors, Energy Materials, Hydrogen Energy, Battery, Fuel cell, Science and Technology Policy at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS)

    Deadline to Apply

    May 2, 2021 (18:00 GMT +9)


    PositionPostdoc Position
    No. of Position(s)17
    Research AreaPhysical Metrology (1)
    Chemical and Biological Metrology (3+1)
    Advanced Instrumentation (1+1)
    Quantum Technology (2)
    Interdisciplinary Materials Measurement (3+1)
    Safety Measurement (6)
    Policy and Strategy (1)
    SalaryAccording to standard norms
    Daejeon 34113
    Republic of Korea
    Contract Period1 Year
    Starting dateJune 01, 2021


    • Those who do not fall under the reasons for disqualification for appointment
      ․ Those who have not suspended or deprived voting rights by law
      ․ Those who have not evaded military service obligations
      ․ Those who have not been caught for fraudulent employment
      ․ Those who have not been dismissed due to misconduct
      ․ Those without reasons for disqualification for overseas travel
    • Those who earned their Ph.D. within the past 5 years or will earn their Ph.D. within the next 3 months as of the scheduled date of employment
    • Those who published (registered) at least one SCIE thesis or international patent within the past 3 years
      ․ Limited to first author or corresponding author for articles (limited to the research performance within the recent 3 years as of the end date of receipt of application forms)
      ․ Limited to main inventor for international patents that have been registered with the patent office in the United States, Japan or Europe. Any article and patent with the same substance will be regarded as a
      single item


    • Those of national merit, those eligible for employment support, those with a disability and Women in science and technology are eligible for preferential treatment if they submit evidentiary documents
    • Women in science and technology

    Responsibilities/ Job Description

    Depends on the position (Please check the details below)

    How to Apply?

    Online application

    Click apply online button or through KRISS job page (https://kriss.recruiter.co.kr/)

    Documents Required

    Application formSelf-introduction, experience statement, article and patent performance list/proof, etc.
    ※ Fill out through the online job posting website
    Screening 1Presentation materials of research performance seminar
    (Early May)
    Screening 2ㅇ Transcripts/certificates of graduation of all university/graduate school programs
    ㅇ Proof of career/employment, copies of certificates of qualifications, certificate of military service (if applicable)
    ㅇ Certificate of disability, certificate of eligibility for employment protection (if applicable)
    (Mid May)
    Announcement (Late May)
    Timeline subject to change

    Details of 17 Postdoc Position in South Korea 2021

    Physical Metrology

    FieldUltrasound measurement standard
    TaskㆍDevelopment of Metrology for High frequency and High-intensity ultrasound
    ㆍUnderwater signal processing for sonar application

    Chemical and Biological Metrology

    FieldMicrobiological Analysis
    TaskㆍDevelopment of measurement technology and reference materials for genes and proteins
    ㆍDevelopment of 3D cell culture disease models
    ㆍDrug efficacy evaluation
    FieldDosimetry standard
    TaskㆍDevelopment of precision dosimetry for radiation therapy using the radiophoto-luminescence (RPL) glass dosimeters
    ㆍDevelopment of radiochromic (RC) film dosimetry
    Nos 1
    Code B2
    FieldBiomolecular Measurement
    TaskㆍMass Spectrometry-Based Protein/Proteome Measurement
    Nos 1
    Code B4

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    Advanced Instrumentation

    FieldMedical Imaging processing
    TaskㆍMedical image signal and Medical image processing
    ㆍDevelopment of medical image artifact correction
    Nos 1
    Code C2

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    Quantum Technology

    FieldQuantum spin
    TaskㆍA study on the properties measurement of various smart IT materials
    ㆍBuilding a database of smart IT material properties analysis methods and linking then to measurements standardization
    Nos 2
    Code D1

    Interdisciplinary Materials Measurement

    FieldBattery & Fuel Cell
    TaskㆍMaterials and Measurement for All solid state battery & Secondary Battery
    ㆍMaterials and Measurement for SOFC
    ㆍSynthesis, Cell fabrication and Electrochemical measurement for oxide materials
    Nos 1
    Code E2
    FieldAI Metamaterial Research1
    TaskㆍAI and signal processing-based prognostics and health management (PHM) of an engineering
    ㆍAI-based ultrasonic signal analysis and non-destructive evaluation
    Nos 1
    Code E3
    FieldAI Metamaterial Research2
    TaskㆍVibration/Acosutic/Ultrasonic analysis and metamaterial design
    ㆍVibration/Acosutic/Ultrasonic experiments and data analysis
    Nos 1
    Code E4

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    Safety Measurement

    TaskㆍDevelopment of optical imaging technology (OCT, OCM, nonlinear optical microscopy, photoacoustic microscopy and etc.) for biomedical fields
    ㆍDevelopment of optical image processing and analysis technology
    Nos 1
    Code F1
    TaskㆍNano-bio application research based on nano-patterning
    ㆍPerforming nano patterning and vacuum deposition process
    Nos 1
    Code F2
    FieldMeasurement standard of Greenhouse gas
    TaskㆍTrace analysis and measurement of gas mixture
    ㆍatmospheric measurement using optical spectroscopy
    ㆍdata analysis
    Nos 1
    Code F3
    FieldStructure safety monitoring
    TaskUltrasonic non-destructive testing and structure safety monitoring technology development
    Nos 1
    Code F4
    FieldHydrogen energy material
    TaskㆍEvaluation and analysis of hydrogen embrittlement of new alloy steel under high pressure hydrogen
    ㆍEvaluation and analysis of fracture characteristics of new alloy steel under high pressure hydrogen
    ㆍMaintenance and related fixture design for airtightness of the evaluation system.
    Nos 1
    Code F5
    FieldMedical Metrology
    TaskㆍDevelopment of biosignal sensors
    Nos 1
    Code F6

    Policy and Strategy

    FieldScience & Technology Policy
    TaskㆍStudy on major NMI(National Measurement Institute)s’ policy & strategy and analysis of R&D trend
    ㆍParticipate in revisions of measurement standards and science & technology laws
    Nos 1
    Code G1


    ※ Candidates can only apply in one of the recruitment fields, and if overlapping or cross-applications are confirmed, admission is cancelled.

    • Failure to comply with the blind recruitment requirements during screening may result in penalties such as deductions.
    • No one may be employed if no applicant is found qualified after the screening process
    • Candidates are responsible for any disadvantages due to omission of documents to be submitted or false entry or submission
    • Acceptance and appointment may be canceled if fraudulent behavior or false entry in the application form is found during the screening process.



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