Postdoc Position in Plant and Environmental Science – Field Job

    Postdoc Position in Plant and Environmental Science - Field Job

    Postdoc Position in Biobased fertilizers for plant nutrient supply & climate change mitigation: soil phosphorus & nitrogen dynamics, carbon turnover & greenhouse gas emissions is available at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Deadline to Apply

    Jun 15, 2021 (23: 59 GMT +2)


    Postdoc Position
    No. of Position(s)1
    Research Area– Environmental Science
    – Agriculture
    SalaryDKK 437.435/Annum
    WorkplaceDepartment of Plant and Environmental Sciences
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Contract Period34 months
    Starting dateAug 15, 2021


    The candidate should possess the following qualifications:

    • A Ph.D. and background as an agronomist or environmental scientist or equivalent
    • A good understanding of plant and soil nutrient dynamics.
    • Experience with experimental assessment of nutrient availability and acquisition and plant growth trials is required.
    • Experience with greenhouse gas emissions measurements with chamber techniques is an advantage.
    • Good English and communication skills

    Responsibilities/ Job Description

    • The current project will assess various biobased fertilizers or recycling products in terms of phosphorus availability as well as nitrogen and carbon turnover.
    • Products include sewage sludge, biogas digestate and animal slurry and materials derived from these such as solid fractions, ashes and biochars.
    • The biobased fertilizers will be investigated with various experimental approaches, including plant pot trials, soil incubation experiments as well as field trials to assess P availability, N mineralization and C turnover.
    • In addition, the soil carbon sequestration potential of the materials and their effects on emissions of nitrous oxide will be determined.  
    • The postdoc’s duties will include research within the area described above as well as some teaching. The post may also include performance of other duties.

    How to Apply?

    The application, in English, must be submitted electronically by clicking APPLY ONLINE mentioned above.

    Documents Required

    Please include

    • Curriculum vitae
    • Diplomas (Master and PhD degree or equivalent)
    • Research plan – description of current and future research plans
    • Complete publication list
    • Separate reprints of 3 particularly relevant papers.

    About Research project

    The post doc will be affiliated with two projects “SLAMTECH: Sludge treatment technologies and fertilizer value of residues – life cycle assessment and cultivation” as well as “STABIL: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and increased soil carbon sequestration through stabilization of manure fibers as biochar”.

    The purpose of SLAMTECH is to assess the sustainability and circular economy benefits of three sludge treatment technologies: incineration, pyrolysis and biological mineralization and the use of their residual product (sludge ash, biochar and mineralized sludge) as fertilizer in agriculture. This is done through a life cycle assessment supported by incubation and pot trials.

    The purpose of STABIL is to investigate environmental benefits of biochar production from biogas digestate and animal manure fibers in the whole treatment chain including biochar production, storage of manure and application in the field.   

    In both projects, the post doc will be collaborating closely with other researchers looking into different parts of the value chain.


    Interviews will be held in June/July.


    Sander Bruun

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    Post expires at 8:59am on Wednesday June 16th, 2021 (GMT+9)