Postdoc position in CRISPR gene editing, Immunology, Single cell RNA sequencing and Bioinformatics

    Postdoc position in CRISPR gene editing, Immunology, Single cell RNA sequencing and Bioinformatics

    Postdoc position in Designing and Generating Artificial Cells for Regenerative Medicine, in the Department of Biomedicine and the Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus (SDCA) at Faculty of Health at Aarhus University, Denmark

    Deadline to Apply

    June 23, 2021 (23: 59 GMT +1)


    PositionPostdoc position
    No. of Position(s)1
    Research Area– CRISPR gene editing
    – Immunology
    – Single cell RNA sequencing
    – Bioinformatics
    SalaryDKK 486,969.17 or DKK 512,713.62
    WorkplaceDepartment of Biomedicine and the Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus (SDCA)
    Faculty of Health
    Aarhus University
    Contract Period2 Years
    Starting dateSep 01, 2021


    You have academic qualifications at PhD level, preferably within one or more of the following areas CRISPR gene editing, immunology, single cell RNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of NGS and scRNA-seq data.


    As a person, you are ambitious, take ownership and possess good communication and interpersonal skills. We expect you to be fluent in oral and written English.

    Responsibilities/ Job Description

    As Postdoc in the Department of Biomedicine, your position is primarily research-based but may also involve teaching assignments. You will contribute to the development of the department through research of high international quality. In your daily work, you will work closely with colleagues on your project, where you will receive supervision and guidance.
    Your main tasks will consist of:

    • Independent research of high international quality, including publication.
    • Working with CRISPR gene editing of cell lines and primary cells.
    • Computational designing genetic circuit for xenotransplantation purpose.
    • Inactivation of multiple genes in pig fibroblasts.
    • Single cell sequencing of porcine cells.
    • Analysis, graphical presentation of single cell RNA sequencing data.
    • Generation of pig fibroblasts expressing multiple transgenes.
    • Evaluation of xenoprotective effects of the genetically edited cells using in vitro cell-based systems.
    • Involve in teaching.     

    You will report to the Associate Professor Lin Lin.

    How to Apply?

    To apply please click Apply Online button mentioned above

    Documents Required

    Your application must include the following:

    • Motivated application
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Diploma
    • A list of publications
    • A teaching portfolio. We refer to Guideline on the use of teaching portfolios
    • A maximum of five of the publications of greatest relevance to the job may be submitted
    • Template for applicant – postdoc must be completed and uploaded under ‘Extra documents’
    • Strategic research plan can be uploaded
    • Coauthor statement(s) can be uploaded
    • References/recommendations can be uploaded separately in the e-recruitment system

    We refer to the faculty’s Guidelines for applicants.

    About Research project

    At the DREAM group (, we focus on applying and developing genetic engineering technologies, cell engineering, single cell and multi OMICS technologies and system biology to better understand the molecular mechanism of human degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and vascular disorders, hence developing regenerative solutions for human diseases. The aim of this postdoc project is to develop artificially designer cells/pigs for xenotransplantation, one of the most promising solutions for the global shortage of transplant organs. The research candidate is expected to (1) Develop CRISPR-based technologies for efficient multiplexed gene editing in pig fibroblasts. (2) Apply a pig genome-wide CRISPR knockout library to identify genes associated with xenograft immune rejection. (3) Develop 3D organoid systems based on pluripotent stem cells to investigate the prevention of immune rejection by CRISPR editing. (4) Generate a new multi-edited pig for xenotransplantation. The postdoc candidate will work together with a highly collaborative, innovative and productive team on inspiring and exciting projects.    

    About the Department

    At the Department of Biomedicine and SDCA, we offer a vibrant international and multidisciplinary research environment where English is the preferred language in the laboratory, at meetings and at seminars. The Department of Biomedicine employs some 450 people and covers a range of research areas within Biomedicine. We contribute to the Bachelor’s degree programs in medicine, molecular medicine, odontology and the Master’s degree programs in biomedical engineering and medical chemistry. The Steno Diabetes Center is acknowledged as a pioneer in leading the Danish Diabetes research and treatment. And the SDCA is created with a vision to create a new platform in the region to further strengthen the longstanding novel ideas and concepts in diabetes research and treatment. Our infrastructure in the Biomedicine Department and SDCA is well developed with modern laboratories, core and animal facilities. You will work either in the brand new ‘Skou Building’ or similar as we are in the process of modernizing our old facilities. You can read more about the department here and about the faculty here.



    Associate Professor Lin Lin
    Tel.: (+45) 5333 5252

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    Postdoc in Designing and Generating Artificial Cells for Regenerative Medicine

    Post expires at 8:59am on Thursday June 24th, 2021 (GMT+9)