Postdoc Position in Competition Law, Social Science, Economics Jobs

    Postdoc Position in Competition Law, Social Science, Economics Jobs

    Postdoc Position for law, economics, Social Science degree holders to work in Public Procurement, Competition law and economics is available in the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Economics Jobs, Social Science Jobs)

    Deadline to Apply

    May 14, 2021 (23: 59 GMT +1)


    PositionPostdoc position
    No. of Position(s)1
    Research Area– Law
    – Economics
    – Social Science
    SalaryDKK 412000/annum
    WorkplaceCentre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR)
    Faculty of Law
    University of Copenhagen
    Contract Period2 Year


    • PhD, JSD or equivalent degree in law, economics or social science degree.
    • All applicants are expected to be able to use English as the working language (written and spoken).
    • Successful candidates will demonstrate a clear potential to deliver high quality peer-reviewed research publications.

    Responsibilities/ Job Description

    The postdoc will become part of WP 2, which focus on competition, when contracting authorities use CPBs and create large- scale procurement. Aggregated procurement allows CPBs to exercise buyer power vis-à-vis economic operators, which may thwart the competitive process and lead to infringements of EU competition law due to abuse of a dominant purchasing position (Art 102 TFEU), or even of anticompetitive agreements (Art 101 TFEU).

    The focus of this research project will be competition on the supplier side, where the use of CPBs risks closing the market, in particular for SMEs, due to the difficulty of meeting the tender requirements for such large contracts. WP2 will consist of a 2 year position for a post.doc with the topic: Ensuring Supply Side Competition for CPBs agreements. The postdoc will analyse the current legal framework for utilizing joint bidding in CPBs procurement procedures, including the possibility for undertakings to enter into sub-contracts after the tender procedure. The output from the post.doc should be 4-5 articles targeted at recognised international journals.

    The position is part of a research project on central purchasing bodies funded by DFF (Sapere Aude – DFF-Starting-Grant). The project is called Safeguarding competition and equal access to central purchasing bodies’ agreements.

    How to Apply?

    To apply, please click APPLY ONLINE button mentioned above.

    Documents Required

    The application MUST include the following nine (9) elements:

    • Letter of motivation (a one page document explaining the reasons for applying)
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Research project. Applications should include a proposal for a research project to be completed during the post-doctoral period. Proposals should be no more than four pages long. The proposal should demonstrate the capacity to develop a postdoctoral project, identifying the relevant methodological tools to achieve the outlined project. 
    • Diplomas, PhD or JSD diploma or alternatively a document showing that the applicant submitted or will submit a dissertation  
    • Publication list. (Complete, numbered list of publications)
    • Teaching portfolio, including documentation for teaching qualifications as well as a brief statement of the applicant’s teaching visions within the research area. For more information regarding the teaching portfolio, please see the related guidelines
    • Academic references, if available (please upload under “other relevant material”)
    • A maximum of five (5) scientific publications that the applicant wishes to have included in the assessment, of which no more than one (1) may be a monograph. Applicants, who have written a PhD or JSD thesis or equivalent, must always submit the complete thesis (if the thesis is written in Danish, English, Swedish or Norwegian) and the written assessment of the thesis as a part of submitted publications.
    • If citing work where the applicant has been a co-author, a co-author declaration, which addresses the applicant’s share of these works, must be submitted. Material that has not yet been published can be submitted. However, please indicate if this is the case.

    About the Project

    The overall research project is aimed at analyzing the rules relating to Central Purchasing Bodies and explore new ways of conducting competitive procurement procedures. 

    Central purchasing bodies conduct procurement procedures on behalf of other contracting authorities. Aggregated procurement can lead to better prices and quality for contracting authorities and ultimately for the tax payers. However, this type of purchasing have often preferences for contracts with a single supplier in order to lower transaction costs, and this puts economic operators in a position in which they need to work together in order to be able to bid for the agreement – and such cooperation can be seen as an anticompetitive agreement (Art. 101 TFEU). Other potential negative effects of aggregation are linked to excessive concentration of purchasing power and collusion, as well as a reduction of market access opportunities for SMEs.

    The project is divided into 4 work packages:

    • WP1: CPB perspective
    • WP 2: Undertaking and market perspective
    • WP 3: User perspective
    • WP 4: Parallel agreements

    The research project is headed by associate professor Carina Risvig Hamer (PI)


    • Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the faculty’s research areas and education programmes by visiting the Faculty’s website: Faculty actively supports the effort to learn Danish.
    • The appointment is based on the agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikernes Centralorganisation, AC).The annual salary for postdoctoral researchers is within the range DKK 412.000 – 434 (EUR 55,000 – 57,900 app.). In addition to the salary paid directly to you, the University will also pay a monthly contribution to your pension fund corresponding to 17.1 % of your salary. It is possible to negotiate further salary supplements. 


    (about project)
    Carina Risvig Hamer
    Associate professor

    (about the recruitment process)
    Salma SchouHR
    Please refer to ID number 211-0717/21-2I

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    Postdoctoral position in public procurement law and competition law

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