3 Postdoc Positions – Tissue Engineering, Nanomedicine, Robotics, Circuit Design

    3 Postdoc Positions - Tissue Engineering, Nanomedicine, Robotics, Circuit Design

    3 Postdoc Positions in Micro tissue engineering and Nanomedicine, Robotics and Mobility, Power and Integrated Circuit design is available in College of Information-Bio Convergence Engineering at UNIST, South Korea

    Deadline to Apply

    Apr 20, 2021 (24: 00 GMT +1)

    Recruitment Area (Code No.)

    1. Micro tissue engineering & Nanomedicine [B-03-03]
    2. Robotics and Mobility [E-02-01]
    3. Power & Integrated Circuit Technology for Universal System [E-04-01]

    Micro tissue engineering & Nanomedicine [B-03-03]

    Responsibilities– Development of organoids using PSCs and patient-derived tissue for drug development
    – Development of drug delivery system using blood-brain barrier on a chip
    – Development of a cell-based model of the mucosal immune system
    – Development of device/sensor for organ chip
    Eligibility PhD with related research experience
    PreferentialStrong publication records (Research paper writing skill, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, etc.)
    Attitude○ Life science knowledge, biotechnology knowledge, experimental technology of
    chemical biology
    ○ Ability to express oneself and to write document
    ○ Adequate judgment ability on safety and efficiency
    Basic ability○ Active problem-solving attitude
    ○ Responsibility and thorough safety awareness
    ○ The ability to understand the organizational culture and the attitude to adapt to it
    Contract period2021.06 – 2021.05 (12 months)
    – Researchers are contracted for up to one year and can be re-signed through evaluation.
    Salary3~4 million won per month (before tax) (negotiable)

    Robotics and Mobility [E-02-01]

    Responsibilities○ Expertise on autonomous driving
    ○ Expertise in robotics and algorithms
    ○ Basic knowledge of artificial intelligence and software
    Eligibility– Those who have graduated from the doctorate program (those who can graduate from the doctorate program before the first day of work)
    – Research achievements 1 or more in related fields (patents, software, journal papers, conference papers, etc.)
    Preferential– Autonomous vehicle research/development experience
    – Research experience incorporating artificial intelligence
    – Overseas patent application
    – Special treatment for foreign language fluency (if the applicant is a foreigner, Korean language fluency)
    Required Skills○ Knowledge of hardware and software theory and ability to implement
    ○ Problem solving skills
    ○ Ability to establish logical thinking, research plans, and report results
    ○ Ability for laboratory safety
    Attitude○ Active Collaboration and Attitude to Solve Problems
    ○ Responsibility and awareness of laboratory safety
    ○ Understand the school culture and actively adapt to school
    Basic ability○ Communication ability, mathematical ability, problem-solving ability, resource
    management ability, etc.
    Contract periodfrom 2021.06.01.(or later) for 12 months
    – Researchers are contracted for up to one year and can be re-signed through evaluation.
    Salary4.4~5 million won per month (before tax)

    Power & Integrated Circuit Technology for Universal System [E-04-01]

    Responsibilities– Design Integrated Circuit or Power Circuit
    – Teach graduate students in lab.
    – Perform research project
    Eligibility– Integrated/Power Circuit Design Experience
    – Ph.D degree
    – At least one SCI-level journal paper in the last three years
    Preferential– Related research experience (IC/Power Circuit design)
    Necessary Technology○ Circuit design tool
    ○ PCB design
    ○ Layout
    ○ Measurement technique
    Job attitude○ Active problem solving attitude
    ○ Responsibility and thorough safety awareness
    ○ The ability to understand the organization culture and the attitude to adapt
    to it
    Basic ability○ Communication skills, calculation skills, problem-solving skills, interpersonal
    skills, etc.
    Contract period2021.06. – 2022.05. (12 months)
    – Researchers are contracted for up to one year and can be re-signed through evaluation.
    Salary2.8 million won per month (before tax)

    How to Apply?

    Email submission

    Please send documents by send email button or email (k01291@unist.ac.kr)

    • Submitted documents are converted into PDF files (after scanning) and sent by e-mail.
    • Subject: “(Code No. of Recruitment Area)Application for UNIST Researcher: Your name”
    • Applications should be received by 24:00 on the due date

    Documents Required

    • Application form
    • Cover letter
    • Job and research performance record
    • personal information third party /1 copy of each written offer agreement (see attached form)
      • ※ If it is deemed necessary to perform research duties, major and Evidence data such as credits can be requested separately (used as reference data)

    Recruitment Schedule

    • Application Submission: 2021.4.5.~ 2021.4.20. 24:00 (16 days)
    • Announcement of successful applicants: 2021.4.29.
    • Announcement of Candidates for Job offers: 2021.5.12.
    • Appointment scheduled for: 2021.6.~
      • The schedule may subject to change


    • The criteria for accreditation of official English grades are limited to those published within 2 years of the application deadline.
    • The number of applicants can be reduced if there is no qualified person.
    • Candidates can be selected as candidates for employment, and candidates can be hired according to the candidates’ rankings if the candidates for recruitment are found out or there are vacancies in the same field within six months of appointment.
    • Eligible physical examination or reasons for disqualification of employment under Article 33 of the National Civil Service Act. Those who have been rejected as a result are excluded from appointment.
    • Persons whose identity has been identified as a result of an inquiry and a survey of candidates for recruitment (final interview candidates) in accordance with the original rules may be canceled through discussion.
    • If a person is found to have a final appointment and has been found to be false, application forgery, or fraudulent employment is found, the appointment may be canceled if a reason for disqualification under Article 33 of the Civil Service is found.
    • Those who are eligible for work protection are given additional points according to related laws.
    • You must be able to work immediately after the appointment.
    • It is possible to negotiate the first working day and appointment period depending on circumstances such as preventing the spread of COVID-19 and living abroad.


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    College of Information-Bio Convergence Engineering/ Academic & Students Affairs Team
    Tel: +82-052-217-1844
    50, UNIST-gil, Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea

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