Postdoctoral Position in Plant Molecular Biology – Aarhus University

    Postdoctoral Position in Plant Molecular Biology - Aarhus University

    Postdoctoral scientist in Plant Molecular Biology is available at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark (Scientist Job)

    Deadline to Apply

    June 15, 2021 (23: 59 GMT +1)


    PositionPostdoc Position
    No. of Position(s)1
    Research Area– Molecular Biology
    – Genetics
    SalaryAccording to standard norms
    WorkplaceDepartment of Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Contract Period2 Year
    Starting dateSept 01, 2021


    A relevant Ph.D. and additional experience from postdoctoral employment is an advantage.

    Responsibilities/ Job Description

    The position is anchored in the Collaborative Crop Resilience Programme: In Root project that aims to understand how root microbiota of healthy plants is established. In this consortium a detailed molecular understanding of endophytic colonisation of plant roots is essential.

    The Postdoctoral candidate is expected to take responsibility for the ongoing investigations of root microbiota associated with the endosphere compartment using molecular biology approaches, large synthetic communities and to perform analysis of complex data from host microbiome studies.

    Training and experience with microbiota analyses based on synthetic communities, and a strong background in plant-microbe interactions is expected.

    How to Apply?

    To apply, please click APPLY ONLINE button mentioned above.

    Documents Required

    The application must be in English and include

    • A curriculum vitae
    • Degree certificate
    • A complete list of publications
    • A statement of future research plans and information about research activities
    • Teaching portfolio and verified information on previous teaching experience (if any). Guidelines for applicants can be found here.

    About the Department

    The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics is part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University and comprises research within the areas of Gene Expression, Molecular Medicine, Structural Biology, Systems Biology and Plant Molecular Biology. There are currently 75 full time scientific staff and 120 PhD students. The department is responsible for two educations: Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine with a yearly uptake of 160 students in total.


    All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background. Research activities will be evaluated in relation to actual research time. Thus, we encourage applicants to specify periods of leave without research activities, in order to be able to subtract these periods from the span of the scientific career during the evaluation of scientific productivity.


    Professor Jens Stougaard,

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    Postdoctoral scientist in Plant Molecular Biology

    Post expires at 8:59am on Wednesday June 16th, 2021 (GMT+9)