Open positions – Post doctoral fellowship in Physics, Neuroscience, Biology – UNIST, South Korea

    Open positions - Post doctoral fellowship in Physics, Neuroscience, Biology - UNIST, South Korea

    Post doctoral fellowship position is available at Bio-Optics Lab, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea.

    Open positions for Post doctoral fellowship in physics, neuroscience, engineering, biology, at Bio optics lab Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology UNIST


    Post doctoral fellowship

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    • Physics
    • Neuroscience
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    • Biology




    Bio optics Lab

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    Ph.D. in physics, neuroscience, engineering, biology and beyond.

    Responsibilities/Job Description

    What we look for is curiousity and interest in either 1) building new technologies for bioimaging or 2) using these technologies for new discoveries.

    How to Apply?

    Apply through email or contact via “Contact us” page

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    About Bio optics Lab

    Our research focuses on developing new techniques to control the propagation of light through opaque media. The reason things look opaque (white) is because it reflects all wavelengths of light due to multiple scattering. However, when absorption is negligible, this fact gives us a chance to control light to go directly through opaque structures by actually controlling the scattered light paths. The ultimate goal of our research is to use light to noninvasively peek into thick opaque tissue for diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as for fundamental biological studies. We emphasize on interdisciplinary research that lies between physics, engineering, and biology and will venture into many different interesting paths that pop up along our journey for new discoveries.

    Other Postdoctoral Positions

    Post expires at 6:00pm on Tuesday August 31st, 2021 (GMT+9)