PhD Position – Jobs for Mechatronic Engineering Degree Candidates – Energy Technology

    PhD Position - Jobs for Mechatronic Engineering Degree Candidates - Energy Technology

    PhD Position with stipend for mechatronic engineering degree candidates to work in the project “Adaptive Ultrasound Reflectometry for Tribomechatronic Systems” at Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark

    Deadline to Apply

    June 01, 2021 (23: 59 GMT +1)


    PositionPhD Position
    No. of Position(s)1
    Research Area– Ultrasound Reflectometry
    – Mechatronic Engineering
    ScholarshipAccording to standard norms
    WorkplaceDepartment of Energy Technology
    Faculty of Engineering and Science
    Aalborg University
    Contract Period3 Years
    Starting dateAug 1, 2021


    The candidate has a Master degree in mechatronic control engineering or similar, with knowledge on ultrasonic testing


    Excellent proficiency in the English language is required, as well as good communication skills, both oral and written


    Approximately 20% of the world’s total energy consumption is used to overcome friction. This motivates the quest for novel Tribomechatronic technologies for friction reduction and energy savings in main energy consumption sectors such as construction, transportation, manufacturing and power generation. Virtual prototyping, digital twins, condition monitoring, prognostics and health management are hot topics of tribology research in the efforts to realize the vision of smart tribology systems, and thereby significantly increase efficiency and reliability of machinery in the main energy consumption sectors. A significant challenge in this regard are the experimental techniques at researchers and engineers disposal. The problem is that friction is not an intrinsic material property but a property of the system in which materials operate.

    This PhD-position is part of the UltrAdapt project, which focusses on adaptive ultrasound reflectometry for lubrication film thickness measurements. The project objective is to explore multi-frequency adaptive filters for enhanced applicability and robustness of the reflectometry technique, such that novel Tribomechatronic systems can be developed and enable friction reduction and energy savings.

    The main task in this project is the development of multi-frequency incident wave spectrum estimation algorithms to achieve more robustness of the adaptive ultrasound reflectometry techniques.
    Based on the proposed algorithms further analysis of the adaptive ultrasound reflectometry technique applied to tribodynamic state-observation need to be conducted. The project also consists of experimental work to test and validate the developments. As part of the UltrAdapt project the PhD-student will cooperate with other participants on the acquisition of a novel test-setup, which is to be used for validation of the proposed algorithms for tribodynamic state-observation of lubricated interfaces. It is the intention to bring the findings of the PhD-student out of the laboratory to products in real operating conditions. It is therefore planned to perform field-tests in the late stage of the project.

    How to Apply?

    The application is only to be submitted online by using the “Apply online” button above

    Documents Required

    The applicant must provide CV, Degree certificate, and upload a proper project description, which describes the applicants initial thoughts and ideas related to the specific project applied for. This includes a brief state-of-the-art (including short list of references), a time schedule and how the applicant intends to shed light on the project objectives. The project description should have a length of 4-5 pages.

    About Department of Energy Technology

    Department of Energy Technology is a dynamic engineering research department in continuous growth and inspiring surroundings. The department has a very international environment and covers all areas of clean and sustainable energy systems of the future within electrical, thermal and mechatronic energy technology. The department has campuses in both Aalborg and Esbjerg. The mission is to be world leading in both research and research-based education of the energy engineers of the future. The department has approx. 300 employees of many nationalities, of which 24 are administrative staff. In addition, the department constantly has approx. 50-70 guest researchers from around the world. Research and teaching are in the absolute world elite in the field of energy, and we have extensive and leading workshop and laboratory facilities, where research and innovation are carried out in direct collaboration with industry to a great extent. Read more about the Department of Energy Technology at The position is offered in relation to the research program Efficient, Intelligent and Reliable Fluid Power Technology and the PhD Student will be positioned in the Section for Mechatronic Systems


    Appointment and salary as a PhD fellow are according to the Ministry of Finance Circular of November 10, 2015 on the Collective Agreement for Academics in Denmark, Appendix 5, regarding PhD fellows, and with the Ministry of Finance current circular on the employment structure at Danish Universities.


    Ms. Lisbeth Diinhoff, The Faculty of Engineering and Science
    Phone: +45 9940 9589

    Associate Professor Per Johansen
    Department of Energy Technology
    Phone: 9940 9737

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    Post expires at 8:59am on Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 (GMT+9)