Internships, Ph.D., & Postdocs Positions available at HBRL Research Group (Materials Science), Incheon National University, South Korea

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    Opportunities to carry out higher studies in materials science (Nanofabrication, Electronic Textiles, 2D Materials) for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue Internships and Ph.D. (Doctoral) studies with scholarships and Postdoctoral fellowship positions also available at HBRL Research Group, Incheon National University, South Korea.

    The HBRLRG is actively seeking for graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduate research assistants.

    Opportunities available

    • Internship positions for undergraduate students
    • Ph.D. positions for graduate students
    • Post-doc positions for Ph.D. (Doctoral) candidates


    Relevant degree


    Ph.D positions: Scholarships
    Postdoc positions: Finalized after discussion or interview

    Note: Multinational Team Members of HBRL research group is the best place to start a career.


    Open position until filled.

    To ensure the vacancy, please visit the web page of contact the professor.

    About HBRLRG

    HBRLRG stands for Han-Bo-Ram Lee‘s Research Group

    Professor Han-Bo-Ram Lee’s current research interests and topics are focused on understanding and controlling surface chemistry and reactions, and applying this knowledge to various applications of which properties could be improved by functionalization of the surface from nanoscopic to macroscopic ranges.

    Atomic-level theoretical calculations using density functional theory (DFT) and system modeling are employed, and experimental controls and functionalization of surface properties are realized by dry and wet methods, including atomic layer deposition (ALD) and galvanic displacement reactions.

    – Atomic Layer Deposition
    – Nanofabrication
    – Superhydrophobicity
    – Electronic Textiles
    – 2D Materials

    How to apply?

    Interested candidates, submit your interest by filling the application form.

    After internal evaluation, Prof. HBRL will contact you through your email you typed.

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    Post expires at 3:25pm on Friday May 28th, 2021 (GMT+9)