Open positions – MS and PhD positions in South Korea – Micro and Nanoengineering, CNU 2021

    Open positions - MS and PhD positions in South Korea - Micro and Nanoengineering, CNU 2021

    MS and PhD positions (Open positions) are available in micro and nanoengineering for biological, food, and agriculture applications, Kim Research Group, Nanoengineered Biomaterial Systems Laboratory , Chonnam National University, South Korea

    Applications for MS and PhD graduate students (PhD positions) (BK fellowship), Kim Research Group, Nanoengineered Biomaterial Systems Laboratory , Chonnam National University


    MS and PhD positions

    No. of Position(s)

    Not specified

    Research area

    • Micro- and nanoengineering for biological, Food
    • Agricultural Micro- and Nanotechnology




    Nanoengineered Biomaterial Systems Laboratory
    Chonnam National University
    Gwangju, Korea

    Contract period

    Not specified


    Associate Professor
    Jangho Kim, Ph.D.
    Tel: +82-62-530-5181

    Administrative staff
    Phone: +82-62-530-0724


    • High standards like top universities/research groups: No guarantee for joining or graduating our graduate programs without meeting these requirements.
    • Undergraduate member: > 3.5 GPA, > TOEIC 600 score, or 1 (submitted/published) Paper
    • Master program member for getting a job: > 2 (submitted/published) Papers, > TOEIC 700 score.
    • Master program member for pursuing a PhD course: > 3 (submitted/published) Papers.
    • Doctoral program member: Certainly (at least) compared to PhD candidates in the top research groups.

    Responsibilities/Job Description

    Related to research areas

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    Documents required

    Curriculum vitae

    About Kim Research Group

    Our group’s vision is to become a world-leading research group in the fields of biological systems engineering within next 10 years. To this end, our group is seeking highly motivated and energetic graduate students and researchers. We are launching several interdisciplinary research projects focused on developing micro- and nanoengineered systems for a variety of biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and environmental applications. Interested individuals should contact Prof. Jangho Kim with an electronic copy of their CV. We also welcome undergraduate students interested in research opportunities in micro- and nanoengineering for biological, food,and agriculture applications.

    About Lab

    Chonnam National University’s Biomaterials Engineering Laboratory is recruiting undergraduate research students and graduate students to conduct world-class research. In particular, we are looking for excellent students who have the dream, passion and will to pursue their own research at a university or research institute after obtaining a degree. Students belonging to this lab will receive the highest level of support at home and abroad-see RESEARCH, PUBLICATION, PHOTOS, AWARDS on the lab’s homepage.

    Our lab is currently inexperienced and unfamiliar, but from now on we are looking for MS and PhD positions with confidence and enthusiasm to become the best in the world for their future together with this lab. Since we conduct various interdisciplinary studies, the university and major from which you are from is not very important. However, although this lab operates a career track (employment after the master’s course), applicants for the doctoral program are more preferred. This is because the minimum training period required to study this field is at least two years, and the time and cost invested in this is very high-we promise maximum support for the Ph.

    The duration of your undergraduate and graduate degree programs is one of the most important moments in your life. In particular, the Master’s and Doctorate degree program is perhaps the last chance (for local college students) to maximize their competitiveness and redesign their future life. If you are interested in or would like to apply for our lab, please feel free to contact us by email.

    Other PhD Positions with Scholarships

    Post expires at 1:03am on Tuesday August 31st, 2021 (GMT+9)