Open positions – MS, MS and PhD Positions in South Korea – Advanced Biomaterials Engineering Lab – SKKU

    Open positions - MS, MS and PhD Positions in South Korea - Advanced Biomaterials Engineering Lab - SKKU

    MS, MS and PhD Positions in South Korea, at Advanced Biomaterials Engineering Lab, Department of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, SKKU Sungkyunkwan University

    Open positions – Graduate school for master’s, doctoral, and master’s and doctoral integrated programs at Advanced Biomaterials Engineering Lab – Sungkyunkwan University


    MS, MS and PhD Positions

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    • Antiviral material
    • Tissue regeneration wound healing material
    • Biosensor material
    • Development of biomimetic materials


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    Advanced Biomaterials Engineering Lab – Sungkyunkwan University

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    Biomaterials are substances designed to interact with living organisms for the purpose of diagnosing or treating diseases. In our lab, we are focusing on researches that synthesize and assemble biomaterials using biomimetic approaches and apply these materials in a variety of biotechnologies.


    • Tissue regeneration material

       Living tissue is composed of cells and an extracellular matrix that acts as a support so that cells can adhere and maintain their activity. The biggest concern in the field of tissue regeneration in recent years is the development of’materials’ that can mimic and reproduce this extracellular matrix, and the realization of a ‘3D structure’ that mimics a living body.

       In our lab, we (1) develop bio-nano materials for tissue regeneration based on genetic manipulation or organic synthesis technology, and (2) use various printing technologies to create a biomimetic extracellular We are conducting research to develop temperament.

    • Biomimetic biosensor 

       In the development of sensors for diagnosis of diseases and rapid detection of harmful substances, the development of an inexpensive, easy-to-analyze, and user-friendly system is attracting great attention. Structural color is a color that appears due to the interference effect of light caused by regularly aligned microstructures, and is a phenomenon in which various examples exist in nature, such as the wing of a butterfly or the skin tissue of a turkey.

       In our lab, we have developed a bio-nano material that can induce specific binding with specific target substances such as pathogens and environmentally harmful substances by imitating this phenomenon (1) and (2) implementing a bio-mimicking color film showing structural We are conducting research on developing a sensor that can check whether or not is detected with the naked eye.

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