Open positions – Intern opportunities in AI Robot Research Center – KIST 2021

    Open positions - Intern opportunities in AI Robot Research Center - KIST 2021

    Intern Researcher (Intern opportunities) to work with the WRL research team at KIST AI Robot Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology KIST, South Korea

    Intern Researcher(Intern opportunities) to work with the WRL research team at KIST AI Robot Research Center.


    Intern Researcher

    No. of Position(s)


    Research area

    • AI and Robotics
    • Deep learning
    • Web-based technology


    According to KIST regulations


    WRL Research Team
    tificial Intelligence Research Center

    Contract period

    Not specified


    Phone: +82-2-958-6966


    For this Intern opportunities you must have following qualifications

    • Master’s degree holders and prospective students
    • Bachelor’s degree holders have professional knowledge and experience in one or more of the job descriptions


    Deep learning framework, web-based technology, virtualization experience welcome

    Responsibilities/Job Description

    Upon entering the company, you can do the research you want from among the following job descriptions

    • Digital twin 3D modeling automation or lightweight technology
    • Digital twin house and resident activity recognition deep learning technology
    • Multimodal IoT data analysis or deep learning technology
    • Immersive Web (VR, AR, XR) technology
    • Participate in technology research and projects related to explainable AI-based digital twin

    How to Apply?

    Click the Apply now button mentioned above

    Documents required

    • It is good if you feel free to send your CV or resume by e-mail before submitting your job application.
    • Papers and patents published or being reviewed•Domestic and foreign conference presentation materials
    • Research reports or contributions to specific projects
    • Everything that can appeal to you, such as Github, StackOverflow, etc.
    • What I want to do if I work at KIST

    Hiring process

    Send CV e-mail → Accept application form → Document screening → Interview screening → Identity screening

    WRL research team

    We have this kind of research culture

    • I like to research autonomously and provide the best research environment for each individual
    • It is a growing research team with many colleagues who can learn from each other
    • The research team hates creating and managing rules and guarantees maximum individual autonomy based on trust
    • I have been doing non-face-to-face online research for a long time
    • I do most of my research with Github, Slack, Notion, Google Cloud, and Dropbox

    We want to do research with a colleague like this

    • Most of all , those who are fun to do what I do
    • Those who are confident in their field of expertise
    • Those who want to leap based on their experience in the WRL research team

    We work in this environment

    • Everyone is using an electric height-adjustable standing desk for health
    • I’m using a Windows PC and a Macbook Pro
    • I use various tools (Slack, Overleaf, Grammarly, Notion, Google Drive, Dropbox, Adobe CC, MSDN, Matlab, Mathematica, VMware) for a fee, and if there is a good tool, it is always open to suggest and use it together
    • I am using a private GPU Cloud (NVIDIA Tesla V100) by virtualization
    • It is directly connected to the hyper-connected intelligent research and development network (KOREN) at 10G speed.6 .I am using a commercial cloud (DigitalOcean, AWS) for a fee.7
    • There is a laboratory in the International Cooperation Hall of KIST Seoul Main Campus. Sangwolgok Station (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Station) Exit 4 → 5 minutes on foot from the KIST entrance

    Other PhD Positions with Scholarships

    Post expires at 6:00pm on Tuesday August 31st, 2021 (GMT+9)