AERO-TRAIN Project – Marie Curie Project for Future Infrastructure

    AERO-TRAIN Project - Marie Curie Project for Future Infrastructure

    AErial RObotic TRAINing for the next generation of European infrastructure and asset maintenance technologies

    Aero-Train Project - Marie-Curie Project for Future Infrastructure
    Aero Train Project - AERO-TRAIN Project - Marie Curie Project for Future Infrastructure - 1


    AERO-TRAIN consortium consists of 8 beneficiaries and 7 partner organizations, located in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, offering a coherent set of skills, expertise, and knowledge that will provide each ESR with a broad overview of, as well as the capacity for, the application of their research and future utilization and exploitation of their knowledge in terms of future career choice.

    Aim of AERO-TRAIN Project

    The AERO-TRAIN project is a Marie-Sklodowska-Curie ITN – ETN project with the aim of training the new generation of creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative Early Stage Researchers, to become the future leaders in the field of Aerial Robotic Technologies for Inspection and Maintenance.

    The AERO-TRAIN consortium leverage on the strengths available in Europe in robotics and AI with the aim to set a landmark in the present European Higher Education Area as the first research-based training initiative in Structural Health Monitoring & Repair with aerial robots.

    Agenda of AERO-TRAIN Project

    • 15 ESR Projects to reach the AERO-TRAIN Scientific and Technological Objectives
    • A Research and Training program driven by Real Industrial needs
    • Multi-disciplinary Research to fill Technological Gaps of Autonomous Flying Robots 

    Future Benefits

    The AERO-TRAIN ITN project closes two fundamental gaps in the Europe:

    • the technological gaps requiring scientific and technological investigation before the full potential of aerial robotics can be unleashed in the industry
    • the lack of skills and competences necessary to cut down the barriers in the industry when it comes to deployment of aerial robots for inspection and maintenance of our invaluable industrial and civil assets 

    Immediate Benefits

    AERO-TRAIN project offer young researchers a solid interdisciplinary training in the intersection of Intelligent Mechatronics, AI and Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) to overcome the challenges of automating structural health monitoring and repair of civil and industrial infrastructures.​

    The AERO-TRAIN’s training activities span innovative research in experimental, computational and applied research – equipping our ESRs with a holistic view from lab to “real world” applications and a creative mind-set with special attention to future industrial applications of newly developed technology.

    15 open PhD positions to be filled within the AERO-TRAIN Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network to support Early Stage Researchers (Open Positions).

    Research Projects

    1. Platform independent 6D localization for UAV in outdoor and GNSS environment
    2. Stabilization and control of aerial manipulators in contact with the environment for on-site measurements
    3. Full-body Control of an Interactive Aerial Robot
    4. Aerodynamics-aware cognitive control of aerial manipulation of flexible objects
    5. High Force Tool Manipulation with Aerial Robots
    6. Soft aerial robots physically interacting with humans and objects in the environment
    7. Human-drone interaction performance assessment in aerial infrastructure inspection
    8. Bio-inspired Learning approaches for Anomaly Detection and Condition Monitoring with Aerial Robots
    9. Immersive displays maintaining ultra-realism and 3D visual cues
    10. Augmented Reality for enhancing semi-autonomous Remote Aerial Manipulation
    11. Uncertainty Aware Mapping and Control for Aerial Robots
    12. Haptic control for remote teleoperation of cooperative aerial manipulators
    13. Remote Control of Aerial Robots for Tool Manipulation
    14. Advanced guidance and precise control of aerial robots for industrial inspections
    15. Drone based Robust Control Schemes against varying time delays

    Open Early Stage Researcher Ph.D. Positions

    Check out the complete details at AERO-TRAIN